With a sea of onlookers, some whistling, others transfixed, soiled aggressive raiders engaged sweat-drenched steadfast defenders. The players and the viewers enjoyed the immersive and personal athletic moments that Kabaddi provided. However, it also lost its appeal in the recent few centuries, primarily due to the introduction of the English game of cricket, much like many other ethnic sports like Kho Kho and Mallakhamb. [KreedOn provides you with all the information regarding the game’s offensive and defensive kabaddi talents]

Ironically, Kabaddi is rediscovering its lost lustre precisely because of this sport. The ‘IPL-model’ quickly gained popularity when it was adapted to traditional Indian sports, as it did with many other sports. The league that resulted from this process, the Pro Kabaddi League, now has 300+ million spectators. However, Kabaddi has evolved beyond just a simple pastime. With so much on the line, the game is becoming increasingly cutthroat. It is, therefore, crucial to become familiar with its capabilities. Here, we go down to the Kabaddi techniques.

Kabaddi Sport

Let’s first discuss the kabaddi game’s philosophy before moving on to its talents. The only goal of this game is to get points by breaking into the opponent’s court and touching as many of their players as you can without being detected by the opponent’s defences. Each player feels the defensive players as they reach the opponent’s court while yelling, “Kabaddi! Kabaddi!” On the other side, rivals coordinate their tactical efforts to capture that player.

Game of Kabaddi Techniques

S.N Kabaddi’s offensive abilities

Defence in the game of Kabaddi

1 Raiding Tackle

Block 2 Hand Touch

three toe touches, chain tackle

Four Dubki Waist holds

a 5-step squat-thrust-ankle hold

Kicking Thigh Hold No. 6

Defence in the game of Kabaddi


When a raider from the opposing side raids, all the players on the mat on their courtside are referred to as defenders, defenders are skilled at tackling or pinning their opponent. Here are some approaches to


As the term implies, the raider gets caught off guard at the back when another defender stops his road with a body chain tackle while deep on one side of the court and taking advantage of the corner defenders.

Here, coordination is crucial. Here, two or more defenders organise themselves into a chain to obstruct the raider’s route before executing one of the holds to stop him in his tracks.

the waist

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If you’re strong enough, you’ll succeed in this manoeuvre! Depending on the raider’s position, the defenders will grasp him around the waist and pull him mid-air to impair his equilibrium and completely ruin his chance of escaping. This tackle demands enormous strength to do.

ankle sling

The corner defenders are usually the ones to start this tackle. As the name implies, defenders seize the raider’s ankle as he tries to sneak in an additional point.

Thigh grip

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Precision is crucial in this situation. Many cover defenders use this tactic, striking the raider just as he changes directions and holding him with both hands while holding his thighs.

Ankle holds during diving

In this instance, the defender tries to grab both of the raider’s legs. Support is crucial for this cover because the raider’s upper body can still be moving and attempt to flee. It takes practice to master this technical tackle. Young defenders frequently employ this tactic. However, this kind of tackle has an extremely low success rate.

Kabaddi’s offensive abilities


How many of you are familiar with scoring in Kabaddi? Many of you may be familiar with scoring in football or hockey. A player must attack there to achieve a successful raid point in the opponent’s half. After crossing the midline, the player moves into the opposition court to score a touch on one of the defenders on the mat. Here are some kabaddi techniques.

Hand contact


One of a raider’s key abilities is using their hands. This simple skill calls for careful repetition and quick responses on the part of the raider. Five different types of hand contact exist:

There are five different hand touches: sprinting hand touch, stooping hand touch, turning hand touch, hopping hand touch, and feint and touch.

Foot in Toe

Only for those with expertise! The Raiders typically employ this technique when they want to touch a defender with their foot while staying safe and away from them. One requires a flexible body to implement and execute the extended stretch of legs mixed with timing for a successful raid.


With his great timing and skill, Pardeep Narwal, the Pro Kabaddi League’s superhero, has recently helped to make this approach more well-known when the raider scores a point while bending beneath the arms reach of numerous defenders and successfully eluding their grasp.

Low Thrust

The raider applies this while stooping down and thrusting the nearest leg in the adversary’s direction. Only individuals with excellent agility and quick reactions should use this skill. Thin and short raiders can benefit from using this ability.


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Raiders use a variety of kicks, such as the back kick, sidekick, and curve. This can trick the defence while keeping a safe distance from the antis. This skill is useful when there aren’t as many defence players available.