Welcome to our most recent review of food! We will look closer at Pulp Pantry Salt Chips reviews, a famous snack-making wave in the health food world. According to the company, pulp pantry salt chips reviews are made from the pulp left over after juicing fruits and veggies. The company sells them as a healthier option to regular potato chips. The main worry is if everything about the chips is real or if it’s just a marketing trick to get the attention of people who like healthy food. To help, we’ll talk about how the chips taste, how they feel, and how healthy they are. Our review will tell you what we think about the product and tell you if you should buy it or not. Let’s find out! 

Why Would You Pick Pulp Pantry Chips? An Overview 

The potato chip business is indeed huge. In 2021, the potato chip market was worth $32 billion; by 2027, it will be worth $39 billion, according to the IMARC study.There are already a lot of chip names on the market, like Lays, Frito-Lay, etc., so why would you choose Pulp Pantry chips instead? This is because your health is important. The brand Pulp Pantry makes chips out of the pulp of vegetables. Since they are made from vegetables, they aren’t the same as potato chips. Also, the company says that the chips are completely free of animal products. What makes Pulp Pantry chips different from other veggie chip brands? Even though many kinds of veggie chips are on the market, they aren’t made of plants. Most of the time, potato starch and flour are the main ingredients in vegetable chips. Pulp Pantry, on the other hand, used vegetables to make chips. So, not only are they good for you, but they are also good for the world. 

Key Differences Between Regular Salt Chips and Pulp Pantry Salt Chips 

Here are the main changes between the Pulp Pantry salt chips reviews and regular salt chips. 

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Differences in what goes into it 

First, let’s compare the Pulp Pantry salt chips reviews to the usual ones regarding their health. When we buy veggie chips, they are made of vegetables other than potatoes. It’s true because they have beets, spinach powder, tomato paste, and many other ingredients from plants. But the main ingredient, potato starch, flour, corn starch, etc., will always be the same. Because of this, they’re not really “healthy.” Pulp Pantry chips, on the other hand, are made from used vegetables. They make chips out of the veggie juice that is left over. And since they are making the chips with real veggies, they will be healthier than regular chips.  See the picture below to understand the difference better. On one side are the ingredients for Pulp Pantry chips, and on the other are the ingredients for regular veggie chips. 

How chips feel and taste 

The taste and feel of the chips are another big difference between them. Regarding preference, the Pulp Pantry chips are much like regular salty chips. They are salty, crunchy, and crispy, but they are a little on the thick side. You might think Pulp Pantry chips are tough because of their thickness. They look more like thin crackers. We found that 90% of reviews were positive, and customers were very happy with the food’s taste. Most of the 10% of customers who don’t like the salty taste and think it’s a bit too high are in this group. So, if you don’t like salty tastes, we don’t recommend this one. It would be best to try Pulp Pantry chips in other preferences, like BBQ, Jalapeno Lime, and Salt & Vinegar.

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Environment friendly 

The Pulp Pantry company says that 40% of the food grown in the U.S. ends up in dumps as trash. It’s not just about losing food; it’s also about the environment since landfills make harmful gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and so on. Kaitlin Mogentale, the company’s CEO, comes up with a plan. They got fruit and vegetable pulps from juice makers and dried them until they were the consistency of flour. Dried pulp is the main ingredient in making food items like chips. Your chips will be 100% healthy, vegan, and good for the environment. Remember that only the Pulp Pantry company uses the above method. Regular potato or vegetable chips are made the way they always have been, so they are not good for the environment. 


Pulp Pantry’s salt chips are a tasty and healthy choice for a crunchy, salty snack. The chips are made from the pulp of vegetables, which gives them a unique taste and feel. Compared to traditional potato chips, they are also better for the earth and more sustainable. Still, it’s up to you; if the idea of healthy snacks that taste good excites you, go for it. If that doesn’t work, you can always try other snacks. universitygrill.net is part of the Amazon Associates program and will get a cut of sales that meet certain criteria.


How healthy are Pulp Pantry chips?

Pulp Pantry chips might be a better choice than regular potato chips. They are made from veggie pulp, a good fiber source, and other nutrients. Since the pulp is used, the chips also have less fat and fewer calories than regular potato chips. 

From what do pulp chips come?

The ingredients for Pulp Pantry chips are veggie pulp. The company dried the pulp and turned it into something like flour. They then added salt or other tastes to make crunchy, healthy snacks.

How much salt is there in pulp chips Reviews?

One pack of Pulp Pantry salt chips reviews has about 130 mg of sodium. 

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